Rides & Events Calendar

We lead group rides all year long!  Come out and join us.  We have rides for all levels, from beginner to A level riders.   Call us if you have any questions:

Roswell:  770-993-2626

Duluth: 770-476-4949

Monday Evening      6pm thru 4/10      6:30 starts 4/17 Cycleworks    Duluth A No-Drop ride that is made up of two groups.  The "B" group rides 22 miles at approximately 16-17mph.  The "C" group rides 18 miles at 13-15mph.  Groups start together and follow a similar route with moderate hills.
Tuesday Evening 6pm thru 4/10         6:30 starts 4/17 Cycleworks   Roswell A hilly No-Drop ride starting through Martin's Landing and along the river.  Approximately 27 miles at 15-17mph. 
Weds Evening           6pm thru 4/10         6:30 starts 4/17 Cycleworks    Duluth In Spring and Summer, this is a 35-mile training ride, usually at a 21-24mph pace.  November-February, experienced riders join us at Cycleworks Duluth and ride to a local neighborhood for interval training (approx 19mph pace).
Thursday Morning (10am) Cycleworks   Roswell An easy, mostly flat, social ride with lots of support and coaching for those who are new to group road cycling.  We ride 18-20 miles at comfortable pace.
Friday             Morning (10am) Cycleworks    Duluth A 16-18 mile social ride that is perfect for those who are just getting used to group road rides and are ready to tackle a few rolling hills.  Lots of support and coaching.
Saturday  Morning  (8am) Cycleworks    Duluth "B" & "C" RIDES:  A hilly No-Drop ride that is made up of two groups.  The "B" group rides 26-36 miles at a 15-17mph pace.  This is a great option for those who have built their endurance and are ready for more challenge.  The "C" group rides 18 miles at a 13-15mph pace. It is perfect for those with road bikes who are ready to take on the hills.

Saturday Mornings (8am):

Mar 11, Apr 22,  May 20, June 24, July 8, July 22,  Aug 5, Aug 19, Sep 16

The Rock Pile (Intersection of Hwy 60 & 19, just north of Dahlonega)

A very challenging, but beautiful training ride over the front three gaps in North GA (Neal's, Wolfpen & Woody's Gap).  There are opportunities to stop for fluids and food and stores along the route. The first several rides in the series are No-Drop rides designed for those who are newer to the Gaps. Estimated time to complete is 4 hours.  Later in the season, as we get closer to the 6-Gaps Century Event, we will have some drop rides and perhaps do all six gaps.  This change will be announced.


Mark Gernazian: mark@cycleworksinc.com (770-476-4949)