The way brands are leveraging TikTok at the time of pandemic lockdown

When the world is in the complete lockdown, and when everything has come to a standstill, brands are still proceeding with their usual measures to grab the attention of people. Well, one might think that at the time when even people who use to spend lavishly are more cautious in their spending, buying only the basic household essentials, what would be the intention for brands to shoot out campaigns at this time. At the time of the pandemic, every single person is responsible for curbing the spread of the disease. People are expected to be more accountable than ever before, no matter how they were before the break out of the pandemic. Brands are looking to make use of this crucial time in their favor to build their brand image. Many brands have come up with campaigns to show that they care for the people more than anything. Wearing this ‘good deed’ mask is expected to bring a reputation to the brands. Some of the brands which spend money on promotions during lockdown have opined that they will reap the benefit once the pandemic gets over. Following such a measure is also a part of the strategy to enhance the reach of their brand name.  

Most of the brands have launched campaigns on TikTok, which shows that they consider the lip-synching is the ideal one to launch campaigns. Moreover, TikTok has availed enormous benefits to brands. Even small businesses and enterprises have a reasonable conversion rate on TikTok owing to the diverse user base of the platform. The fashion of shifting from Facebook to TikTok among marketers is also increasing at a rapid pace. The transformation is attributed to the less conversion rate on Facebook witnessed by marketers. Brands are going with services like Earnviews to grab the attention of people quickly.  

Brands are also collaborating with influencers on TikTok to uphill the reach of their campaigns. For instance, Dettol, India based hygiene-brand, has launched the #handWashingChallenge campaign on TikTok. One of the latest heart robbers of Bollywood Kartik Aryan has been used as the ambassador of the campaign. As people are requested to wash their hands at some time intervals to get rid of the Covid-19 attack, the campaign was well received among people. Less than 50 days from the date of the launch of the campaign, it has generated 18 billion views. Around 1,23,000 TikTok users took part in the campaign, making it into a huge hit. Thus the brand has earned an excellent reputation by launching an awareness campaign.  

Reebok has launched campaign fitness trainers encouraging people to do their workouts at home as they don’t have an option to head out to the gym. People can carry out simple workouts without equipment by following the moves that are taught on these videos. Reebok has promoted the campaign noting that following the measure will help people to remain until the lockdown gets lifted. The campaign is becoming a massive hit as the number of people joining the fitness regime is increasing day after day. Thus, brands are leveraging the lockdown in the best possible way to get close to people. One of the notable features of the campaigns on TikTok is that it drives people to take part in a campaign. The majority of the TikTok campaigns make people perform certain activities that build engagement between the brand and the people. Following such measures will avail enormous benefits for brands in the long run. 

This is the way brands have taken control of the pandemic. Brands should come up with campaigns that could align with their brand personality only then it will benefit them. As people are flocking into social platforms at the time of pandemic as they have no other choice, brands should make use of this time as it will be easier for them to gain the attention of people quickly without having to make much strain. Social platforms and OTT platforms are the only mode of entertainment for people at the time of lockdown. Hence, if a brand comes up with an intriguing campaign it can easily garner the attention of people. Brands also buy tiktok likes to ease the process of getting more number of prospects in a short span of time.